Marceline Abadeer (Nicknamed Marcy) is the main character with the Tile Logo named for her. She is a Vampire Queen who is the sister of Finn and Jake with very long, Black hair and very pale skin. And on her Neck, she has Colons that represents her Vampire Bite that turned her into a Vampire/Human.


Marceline's Personality is she is sometimes Selfish and angry and as seen in the Second Episode "Evicted" Marceline kept Teasing Finn and Jake because they were afraid of the dark. But, she is also Kind (as seen in "Go with me" and "Heat Signature").

Clothing and VoiceEdit

Marceline's clothes that she wears is Very Tomboyish and Rouge. For Example, in the episode, "It came from the Concert fear", she wears a Red and Black striped Sweater, Sandals, tore up Blue Jeans, and her hair was tied up in a droopy Ponytail.

Marceline is voiced by Hannah Kesterson.