Marceline's Fairy Godmother

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[to start out the Episode we see Marceline practicing for her Concert Tour]


This might seem hard for you but give me my Fries, and give me some Money too-

[Finn bumps into Marceline, making her hit the Floor with a thud]

Marceline: Finn, not cool!

Finn: Oh, sorry Marcy

Marceline: (Sigh) Your fine Finn, it's just I'm ready to do my Concert in front of a crowd

Finn: Well, I'm not sure if a Concert will help you!

Marceline: Finn!

Finn: What!

Marceline: Your not helping!

Finn: (Yelling) Fine, then I'll be over here IF you need me!

Marceline: (Yelling) Fine, I don't need you helping me rehearse anyways!

Finn: FINE!

Marceline: FINE!

[Mom came into the room, gasping]

Mom: Why are we yelling and fighting back here?

Finn: Marcy started it!

Marceline: (Gasp) What!

Mom: Is this true Marcy?

Marceline: Um, maybe (Chuckle)

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