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[Begins in Finn and Jake's room were there Mom came in there room with Cookies]

Mom: Hey, Finn and Jake Would you guys like Cookies?

Jake: Sure!

Finn: No Thank You.

Mom: Be Getting Ready for Bed, You Two.

Finn and Jake: Okay.

Jake: Dude, I hope I get some sleep tonight!

Finn: aren't you scared?

Jake: No, Dude I'm never scared of ANYTHING!

Finn: (Putting on PJ's) (sigh) Fine.

[Marceline appears unexpected]

Marceline: You guys sure?

[Finn and Jake scream]

Marceline: You guys are scared and I know it!

Finn: (Blush) No, Marcy were not and we'll prove it!

Jake: That's right!

Marceline: Ok, let's see if I'm right or wrong.

[Marceline changes into a Wolf. Finn and Jake scream]

Mom: What's going on, and Marceline why are you a Wolf?

Marceline: I'm just trying to see if Finn and Jake are scared.

Mom: Don't do it anymore, ok?

Marceline: Okay, sorry Mom.

Jake: Ha Marcy's in trouble!

Finn: yeah Ha!

Marceline: (groan) Stop it guys, I'm not in trouble!

[Finn and Jake continue to say that Marceline's in trouble]

Marceline: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Mom: Marceline! Watch it!

Marceline: (sigh) Sorry.

[Finn and Jake continue laughing]

(Episode ends)

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